Our Coffee.

Our coffee is grown in the heart of Colombia In a landscape full of slopes where small family coffee producers give everything to take care of their fields.

Our coffee is 100 Colombian Arabica Coffee, specially selected for our international clients with the highest quality.






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Our holding Information

Bakery Business International ( Colombia, the company that owns TOSTAO’ brand is part of the Holding of companies of the Reve Group BBI has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in coffee shops with more than 600 stores in Colombia with the best quality creating a massive consume with important market positioning of coffee.

Today BBI has a new machinery roasting and grinding line and automatic packing this new technology made BBI Colombia the ultimate wave and capacity to attend our clients.

BBI seeks to reach international markets throughout the continents, offering the best quality of product and service. Our clients are supermarkets, institutional, hotels, wholesalers and foodservice chains.

We can sale our brand or produce a private label.

our responsability

Our Commintment

coffee growers and their families

Coffee purchases through cooperatives seek to pay sustainable prices to the coffee growers, while the cooperative returns benefits to members to improve their quality of life and for their families.

Our suppliers are primarily small scale coffee growers whose priority is to carefully select and deliver the best raw materials. Their efforts are compensated through responsible trade through which,  BBI COLOMBIA helps support by paying fair prices.


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Andres Rincón

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